The Cybercarpet by CyberWalk Brings Virtual Reality Closer to Reality

 - Nov 12, 2009
References: & gajitz
The Cybercarpet by CyberWalk is an omni-directional treadmill and a unique use of virtual reality. Cyberwalk is a European research project concentrating on allowing virtual reality users to physically walk through virtual environments in a natural way.

To this end CyberWalk has created an omni-directional treadmill called CyberCarpet. Walking straight ahead at all times, such as on a traditional treadmill, doesn’t allow for full immersion into a virtual world. Small, densely packed balls are located under the walking surface and react to the friction created by the user’s moving feet and this action makes the omni-directional treadmill possible. 

Starting and stopping are still a bit of an issue, but the Cybercarpet is already being tested by a few lucky individuals who get to walk through ancient worlds.