Ollie Lucas Breathes New & Colorful Life into Old Wagon Parts

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: flickr & sweet-station
Wheels are often taken for granted, but I imagine these Ollie Lucas creations never run into that problem. The Melbourne-based artist paints prismatic designs straight out of the '80s onto wheels you'd expect to see on olden day wagons and carriages. Who knew recycling could be a cure for the common canvas?

Ollie Lucas uses a lot of straight stripes and rigid geometric shapes in composing his chromatic designs, which contrasts well with the circular wheel to produce a dazzling effect. There are also ornate intertwined flourishes found in some of Lucas' pieces, which are evocative of chic clothing prints.

It's unclear where Lucas got the idea for using wheels as canvases, but I'd like to think gallery workers have a hard time preventing these masterpieces from rolling away.