A Campaign for OLA Poder Activo Shows Logos Being Killed

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
In an effort to promote OLA Poder Activo washing powder, Bolivian ad agency KEVLAR created a series of minimalist ads that feature iconic logos being destroyed. Each ad shows a different logo being desecrated with a red stain. The disgusting visual is emphasized by the caption of "For those stains that destroy your clothes."

The red splatters on the ads were positioned in order to make it seem like the logo mascots were shot or stabbed. A gory red substance emanates from a point on the body of each iconic mascot in an exuberant spray. As a result, it looks like the logo animals were ruthlessly murdered.

KEVLAR's print ads were created to emphasize the stain-removing power of OLA. The OLA Poder Activo product has a strong cleaning formula that effectively removes dirt and stains.