The Oat-Based Beverages by Earth's Own Challenge Milk & Almond Milk

 - Jun 1, 2019
References: earthsown & bevnet
Canadian plant-based beverage brand Earth's Own offers a line of oat-based beverages that are made with gluten-free oats sourced from Canadian farmers. As well as offering an alternative to regular milk, the oat beverages also stand apart as a more environmentally friendly alternative option to other dairy-free beverages, with the cartons of oat milk noting that the product is "grown using seven times less water than almond or cow's milk."

Regardless of their dietary preferences, many consumers are becoming interested in the unique health benefits of non-dairy milk alternatives. In the case of the fair trade chocolate oat milk from Earth's Own, this beverage boasts 50% less sugar than regular chocolate milk, plus four grams of protein per serving.