The O' Personal Mobility Concpet Can Drive on Train Tracks or Roads

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: & designbuzz
Driving a car on train tracks is normally a bad idea, unless that car is the O’ personal mobility concept. The O’ personal mobility concept was created by Davide Bonanni Design as a way to give Italy’s old railroad tracks new life.

Some of Italy’s old railway tracks have found new life becoming bicycle lane markers and other things. But the majority are rusting away in landfills serving no purpose whatsoever. The O’ personal mobility concept would put these old tracks to good use by turning them into a single-seat vehicle. O’ is designed to be used on both conventional roads and railroad tracks which should help alleviate roadway congestion. Using scrap metal to create new vehicles is a great way to instantly green a country. Sharing a track with a train would be slightly scary though.