Sangmin Lee's Citroen Metronest is Inspired by a Bird's Nest

 - Jul 9, 2011
References: & designbuzz
At first glance, the Citroen Metronest concept car looks as though it has been shredded from the inside out by a grizzly bear or other ferocious animal. Although that is most certainly not the case, the design does involve the influence of the wildlife. It was inspired by a bird's nest.

Designed by Sangmin Lee as a graduation project of Korean Hong-ik University, the Citroen Metronest is an all-electric concept car that meshes the human world with an organic one. Although the Citroen Metronest has a very sporty look, which signals a masculine tendency for speed and domination on the road, the ultimate purpose of this design is more maternal. The structure basically focuses on protection, ventilation and heat regulation, just like a nest does.