The 'How To Make a Nutella Sandwich' Infographic is Hilarious

 - Jun 11, 2012
Poking fun at the graphic layout domination data visualization these days, the Nutella Sandwich infograph is an arguably unnecessary but appetizing guide.

Depicting instructions to a triple-decker banana-filled extra delicious sandwich, the guide simply shows a broken down snippet of the goods. Though the content is extremely straightforward, it includes critical recipe information including the necessity of Wonder Bread (not to be substituted) and an advised amount of bananas. The chart, admittedly, does not contain a lot of information. Regardless of this aspect, it's sure to lead some readers to exquisitely decadent meals.

To-the-point and with just enough instruction, this Nutella recipe guide is an extremely yummy surprise in the landscape of info-packed infographics.