Katty Ryan Hoover Explored Naked Territory with Her Latest Project

With her nudity photography series 'Lake Como,' Tampa-based photographer Katty Ryan Hoover explores a way of life that's unfamiliar to most of us.

Hoover's project was originally intended to be nude series; however, she became frustrated trying to find subjects willing to pose in the buff. Luckily, a couple living in Como responded to her Craiglist ad, ultimately shifting the project's focus from "nude" to "nudist."

Due to the stigma around the clothing-free lifestyle, Hoover notes that many of the residents don't disclose the information to those outside the community. However, it's important to remember that, "Like most groups of people, the nudist way of life is far from being homogeneous." Even just in terms of her project, Hoover says that "The participants really span the gamut."