This Infographic Exposes How NSA PRISM Secretly Works

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: & mashable
With the recent National Security Agency (NSA) information leaks in the U.S, the world learned that the top secret NSA PRISM project has been unknowingly collecting data from outside users of sites like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. With many answers still unknown about how the NSA PRISM works or what it’s for, this PRISM infographic by Ashkan Soltani will hopefully help to simplify how PRISM works and why the NSA has had access to the private information of many.

This PRISM infographic quickly goes over how information goes from an NSA analyst to the FBI to companies. While the entire process is in actuality quite detailed, Ashkan Soltani does a great job of using helpful arrows, symbols and text to guide the reader through the PRISM project. While some parts of PRISM remain unknown, Ashkan Soltani has highlighted those suspicious areas for the viewer to clearly take note of.