Northernmost Cognac Packaging Features an Unusually Inclined Vessel Design

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: mariussunde & packagingoftheworld
It isn't hard to miss at first glance but Northernmost Cognac packaging embodies a very unconventional form. Typically, glass bottles are manufactured to take smooth and consistent shapes, but you'll notice a significant disparity where the vessel narrows towards the neck: one part of the container peaks to create a sloping surface.

The reason that Marius Sunde chose to do this is because the sculptural form of the bottle comes to reference something important about the product inside. The oak used to age the brandy comes from the most northerly region of Norway where the landscape is defined by mountains and cliffs. Keeping consistent with this theme, Northernmost Cognac packaging is white-capped, alluding to the snowy tops of the Scandinavian summits.