The Norman Bates Doll is Sure to Satisfy Your Psychotic Tendencies

 - May 18, 2013
References: mezcotoyz & toplessrobot
The music played in the Psycho movie trailer is recognized by almost anyone who hears it; the iconic scene between Norman Bates and Marion Crane has been solidified in pop culture history. It seems as though psychopaths have been popular with people for the past several years; just take into account Issei Sagawa. The ‘Living Dead Dolls Present Psycho’ series features Norman Bates and Marion Crane in creepy doll designs.

The Norman Bates doll is dressed similarly to the character in the movie. It’s outfitted with his mother’s dress, a knife and a detachable wig. Marion Crane’s outfit is compromised of the Bates Motel towel. The dolls’ appearance is similar to that of those creepy dolls that your little sister had, but with some psychopathic 'je ne sais quoi.'