Japan's Tempura Matsu Restaurant Uses Melting Vessels for Its Noodle Bowls

At the Tempura Matsu restaurant in Kyoto, Japan, there are seasonal noodle bowls on the menu that are served in interesting containers. Rather than opting to serve the noodle-based dishes in bowls, the restaurant uses ice blocks that have been carved in such a way to allow for a serving of soup to be eaten.

Alongside the iced noodles, ingredients like raw egg yolks and wasabi are served. As well as being artful, the bowls serve a practical purposeā€”as they melt, icy water is added to the broth.

This same level of theatrics is applied to other dishes from Tempura Matsu's innovative menu, which includes items that are served on large lotus leaves plates and sake that's poured from bamboo shoot containers.