The Upcoming Nintendo NX System Will Have Detachable Controllers

 - Jul 27, 2016
References: & arstechnica
Though there's still frustratingly little information available about the elusive Nintendo NX, the gaming giant's next console set for release in 2017, the system seems to be a portable device that will serve as a gaming console in itself, but it will also come with the ability to plug into HDTVs. Concept sketches depict the system as a standalone unit, similar in appearance to the Nintendo DS, with detachable controllers that will allow for gaming on the local screen or through a connection to a TV.

Beyond aesthetics, the console will likely incorporate an Nvidia Tegra processor; the same processor behind tablets like Google's Pixel C and Nividia's own Shield Android TV console. Though the Tegra won't have quite the power of the processors in the Xbox One or PS4, it uses only a fraction of the battery, meaning that gamers will be able to use the Nintendo NX for longer when taking advantage of its portability.