901 Tequila Presents Themed Nightclubs That Appeal to Individualized Desires

 - Aug 20, 2010
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Doggie hangouts, Star Wars socials and anatomical bars. Today we hunt: NICHE NIGHTCLUBS - 901 Tequila presents themed nightclubs that appeal to individualized desires.

The quest for personalization continues as customers look to themed bars and nightclubs where they can socialize in an atmosphere that resonates with their unique interests. Niche nightclubs that touch upon unique interests are able to grasp that extra bit of novelty and distinction to stand out in the highly competitive nightlife market.

And now the 901 Tequila Top Ten.

10) The Samsung Beat DJ handset launch party was a must-attend event. When's the last time you went to a 24-hour silent dance off?

9) It's a doggone shame that the 'Fetch Club' is a canine-only spot for party. Woof.

8) Don't be a party pooper! Check out the intriguing 'Rectum Bar' in Vienna!

7) 'Sci-Fi Burlesque' was held in Astoria, New York. The event had nerds everywhere twitching with delight at the sight of Leeloo and Catwoman in the flesh.

6) Disneyland isn't only for kids anymore. Now the theme park has a special adult attraction called the 'Night Kindom' which is set to open next year. This adult-only destination will allow parents to take a night off from the kids and get their drink on -- Disney styles.

5) The Butterfly Lounge shows larger ladies some love. The plus-sized nightclub offers a lot of fun for your big night out on the town.

4) MiNiBAR lets you avoid drink lineups and by letting you pour your own drinks. With 45 private mini-bars, you get to party like a rockstar and treat yourself like one too.

3) The Hans Rudi Giger Skeleton Bar is bad to the bone -- literally. Adorned with eerie skeletal decor, this nightlife haven is sure to suit anyone looking for an evening of mystery and intrigue.

2) This high-end Soho nightclub in London boasts that is is home to the first iBar. Aside from being a tech geek's dream, this bar can tell you what drink you put down on its surface in seconds. Ordering a round for everyone in the bar has never been so fun!

1) One hot spot in LA takes niche nightclubs to a whole new level by inviting guests to join the dark side and get naughty with Star Wars-themed burlesque.

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