This Newborn Photoshoot by James Clauss Subversively Stars a Baby Puppy

Portrait photographer James Clauss is known for his intimate newborn photoshoots. He decided to change things up recently when he took pictures of Chase and Jan Renegar and their puppy Jack Russell Terrier Snuggles comically wrapped up as a newborn baby. The series showcases that welcoming any person, or animal, into one's family can be an exciting adventure.

Clauss cleverly had Jan and Chase hold onto their puppy Snuggles throughout the shoot as if he was a new baby the couple just brought hope from the hospital. Snuggles is seen wrapped up tightly in a cosy blanket held in the couple's arms in various loving positions. While the shoot parodies pet owners and their love for their animals, it also showcases that owning a pet can be a lot like having a child.