This New Shelter is Made Of Straw and Clay and Features 135 Layers

 - Aug 12, 2016
References: & newatlas
Italy's highly famed World's Advanced Saving Project has gone ahead and constructed an extraordinarily innovative new shelter by using 3D-printing technologies in conjunction with the high-tech Big Delta printer.

What's great about this new shelter is that it's unbelievably inexpensive, costing only $55 to construct. Measuring in at 270 cm high and 5 m wide, this structure is largely comprised of clay and straw, although it also features some use of lime. The shelter consists of 135 layers, although more layers can be added despite each layer weighing in at a considerable 300 kg.

This new shelter is more than just an impressive feat of architectural engineering, as it goes to show that it's possible to produce inexpensive and eco-friendly shelters in short periods of time.