The Low Tide Toss is a Fun Game for Adults and Kids Alike

 - Oct 25, 2012
If you're looking for a new game that is perfect for entertaining your whole crew on a beach day, kids included, you should check out Low Tide Toss. A revamp on a retro game created in the 70s, this beach battle has been passed down through generations of family and now, onto yours.

How often does one get dragged into playing their kids’ new game that requires every ounce of patience you can muster? Or perhaps a new game that has you chasing another unpredictably flying object all over the beach, which all too often hits a napping couple who had the bad luck of claiming the beach space right next to yours.

Finally, there is a new game that everyone can enjoy. Play on teams, play against your friends or play with a cocktail in your hand. Ultimately, Low Tide Toss provides an awesome break from today's over-digitized world.