Never Liked It Anyway is an Online Market to Get Rid of Relationship Reminders

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: neverlikeditanyway & mic
Never Liked It Anyway is a concept site that combines an online marketplace with an advice column and a 'Bounce Back Box' for those who have recently gone through a breakup.

At the end of a relationship, there's generally an accumulation of relationship stuff: trinkets bought together, jewelry, clothes and presents are all reminders of the time spent with someone and subsequent breakup. That's where Never Liked It Anyway comes in. It's a place to sell all of the things that remind users of their exes. The site lets users list a 'Real World Price' and 'Break Up Price' for each item (meaning how much it cost originally and how much they're willing to sell it for). It also provides space to post photos and a story for objects on sale.

Never Liked It Anyway also has a section that lets users offer each other advice and ask questions, its own blog and a 'Bounce Back Box' that includes everything you need to get over a breakup.