The Nendo Fade-Out Chair is Optically Illusionary

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: & zeutch
The Nendo Fade-Out Chair will have your party guests thinking you're a new-age Houdini or David Copperfield of sorts. You'll finally have an awesome party trick up your sleeve with the ability to make furniture disappear. Well actually, that's not entirely true, as the real magician is furniture company Nendo.

Nendo's peculiar witchcraft-inspired furniture piece seems to lightly levitate in mid-air, as though stationed in a pool of fog or mist. This skillfully crafted piece plays tricks on one's eyes and will have passersby puzzled at this optical ornament. Although not actually levitating, this chair's acrylic legs are painted in a clever fashion that gives the impression that they are gradually fading away.

According to studies, an individual's perception of furniture is affected and reliant on the space surrounding it -- knowing this fact, Nendo attempts to manipulate spaces through its creative and unique furniture designs.