The ‘New York City’ Borough Infographic Takes a Look into th

 - Jul 20, 2012
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This ‘New York Borough’ infographic is an interesting read for those intoxicated by the idea of the big city and its surrounding areas.

Taking readers through Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens, this geography-based chart is thorough and incredibly educational. Featuring facts about how the naming of these areas came to be, when they were established and which restaurants are most popular in each area, this is a great read for those looking to travel through the big apple and beyond. Though many people know much about the history of Manhattan, this chart highlights the lesser-known stories of its neighboring areas, which are surprisingly intriguing.

The chart itself is very dark in its coloring, and stands out with contrasting bright colored graphics. Complete with typography which is meant to resemble the typeface of the New York Times, this is a thematic piece which will pique the interest of many readers.