Safergro's 'Pest Out' is an Organic and All-Natural Pesticide

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: safergro
Clove, cottonseed and garlic oil extracts are some of the ingredients that power Safergro's organic and all-natural pesticide.

In order to make itself stand out from other organic pesticides on the market, 'Pest Out' emphasizes the use of food-grade ingredients, which makes this formula "ideal to use on vegetables and other plants that your family and pets may come in contact with," as Safergro describes. While being gentle where it is needed most, the spray pesticide is touted as an effective way to eliminate adult and developing insects.

As a product that's made with powerful natural oils, Safergro includes a warning on its ready-to-spray bottle that advises gardeners to spot test the pesticide spray before use, since it may leave markings behind on some fruits like pears. Even so, Safergro promises that this is such a safe and long-lasting formula that it can be used on the day of a harvest.