From Caffeinated Shaving Products to Starfish Extract Creams

 - Aug 22, 2015
Women worldwide accepted long ago that bizarre-sounding skincare ingredients like seaweed, charcoal and clay are in fact completely essential. (Yes, of course we rub dirt on our faces. It's the only way to get them clean.)

These exotic creams, lotions, masks and serums take it a step further, using skincare ingredients from quinoa to powdered gold to take away shine, add glow, buff, cleanse, exfoliate, extract and moisturize. There are products for both women and men. There are skincare ingredients that are anti-aging and ones that are totally vegan and even gluten-free. There are outrageously expensive treatments and butters that can be made at home.

The world pays attention to skincare ingredients: think about Kim Kardashian's highly publicized blood facial or Diane Keaton's black soap in Annie Hall. Pop culture (and these unusual skincare ingredients) prove that the limit of what goes on our faces is always subject to expansion.