Maty's Natural Cough Syrup is a Drug-Free Remedy

This natural cough syrup from Maty's offers an effective treatment to soothe dry, irritated throats. The drug-free and antioxidant-rich product is made with a blend of USDA-certified organic honey that's packed with immune-boosting ingredients and boasts no harmful side effects.

Unlike many pharmaceutical cough syrups, this one has a clean ingredient list that includes easy-to-identify items such as apple cider vinegar, sea salt, lemon peel and clove, along with extra virgin olive oil and water. Along with being free from drug ingredients, natural cough syrup also contains no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, color additives, corn, soy or wheat.

As more consumers begin to adopt healthy foods as medicine, they are also looking for healing remedies with ingredients that are just as pure as what's normally consumed as part of a clean diet.