'Native Commodities' is a Media Study on Bodily Fluids

 - Jul 10, 2009   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: willcarey.net & yankodesign
Native Commodities is a social project designed by Will Carey to measure and test the limits of bodily fluids.

Everything from tears to urine and stomach contents can be tested through this funnel-like device.

I've got to say, this is pretty weird. Who would have ever thought that the contents of your vomit could become a tool for “sharing, manufacturing, and interacting with biological data from our bodies?”

Implications - The odd project is set to be on display at the Royal College of Art. If you want an up-close look, the featured video shows a woman named Makkoi Ishikawa sneezing, crying and vomiting into different test tubes for the icky interactive project. The simple music playing in the background of the video was created by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto.