The Nancy Fouts Creations Incite Personal Interpretations

 - Mar 9, 2012
References: mymodernmet & mymodernmet
Created out of spontaneous influences to reflect unbound ideas, Nancy Fouts's surreal sculptures revolve around the concept of significance within the subconscious and irrational. Encouraging personal interpretation, these sculptures are manifestations meant to incite an emotional response from the viewer. Completely unorthodox and perhaps mildly disturbing -- particularly in the case of a snail on a razer or the crow with an eye in its beak -- Nancy Fouts's surrealist artwork transgresses the comfortable in order to stimulate one's intuition.

Far from the product of photoshop, these models are entirely authentic and playfully composed. By no means do these portrayals lend themselves to a universal interpretation; Nancy Fouts's surreal sculptures are something that has stemmed from, and appeals to, the potential of the unbound imagination and the intimacy of the human psyche.