Naked Hawkeye Turns Everything into a Sexual Innuendo

While some superheros rip off their clothing to reveal a suit and cape, Naked Hawkeye tears off his clothes to reveal that he is naked and ready to party. This hilarious blog features a series of photos in which the master archer Hawkeye has been stripped of his clothing and placed in sexual positions.

Naked Hawkeye loves to take amusing photos where he turns objects into some sort of sexual object. In one image Hawkeye is lying down with a silly grin on his face as the Washington Monument sprouts from his legs as if it's his giant member. Another image displays Naked Hawkeye jumping towards the camera in nude spread-eagle position.

Naked Hawkeye is the just one of those superheros with multiple personas. For all we know, he could also play first cello in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.