Nadine by Bob Lightowler Boasts a Soft and Organic Visual Appeal

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: & trendland
There is something beautifully soft and organic about the photo series titled Nadine by Bob Lightowler, a photographer hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Considering the staged scenario and quirky captures, it is surprising that there is anything organic about it. Yet the subdued coloring as well as the use of a wooden backdrop makes it so.

Created in collaboration with art director Roy Garcia, Nadine by Bob Lightowler was shot at The Rock Instrument Bureau. From tea parties to balloon chasing and games of hide and go seek, the compositions are silly and surreal, as though they emerged from a dream.

The constructed nature of Nadine by Bob Lightowler doesn't take away from this quality. Instead, it accentuates it in a very transparent way, sort of like play-acting.