MYA Aims to Combat the Stigma Behind Vaser Liposuction

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: mya & mya
This post was written by Elly Davis

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of people undergoing cosmetic surgery in the UK. The industry has reportedly seen a 6,350% increase for Vaser Liposuction procedures in 2013; a growth in complete opposition to other markets which declined due to the recession. As the UK economy begins to restore, so do people’s spending habits, and the demand for cosmetic surgery has reflected this.

The popularity amongst plastic surgery procedures has seen an impressive rise since the economic downturn first hit in 2008. Although the increase has been across the board, the biggest boom was liposuction at a massive 43%. Surprisingly, liposuction was more popular amongst men and was the fourth most popular procedure, and the sixth most popular procedure amongst women.

However, statistics from industry specialists BAAPS reveals that women are increasingly turning to liposuction. According to BAAPS, 2013 saw 50,122 procedures performed, which showed a double digit increase across the board.

In light of its increasing popularity, MYA has launched the Vaser Diaries> in a bid to help people understand Vaser Liposuction. The campaign follows the journeys of three patients who have each had the procedure and aims to combat the stigma behind cosmetic surgery, giving insight to life changing results.