This Photographer Captures Images of Light from Musical Instruments

 - Aug 5, 2015
References: motionexposure & mymodernmet
Photographer Stephen Orlando created an elegant project that features images of musical light that is projected from acoustic, human-played instruments.

These images are created through a process that involves LED lights and long exposure times. The images are an elegant and unique way to capture music on a completely re-invented level. This photo series displays musical light in what resembles a sound bar, viewed on a laptop or in a music studio. Instead of the light being produced through a computer, each wave of light represents a wave of sound.

The graph-like music monitoring images track the movement made by each musician as they strum an acoustic instrument. As the light moves, the long-exposure of the camera's shutter captures the continuous beam of light. Stephen Orlando has always found light to be an interesting subject to photograph, which makes this project a personal and professional tribute.