Courtney Scharf Reveals the Best Music Festival Gear for Summer

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: youtube
Trend Hunter Editor Courtney Scarf is all about musical festival gear that makes summer festivals even more unreal than they already are. She's picked her five favorite music festival must-haves that provide solutions for everything from bathroom breaks to sleeping arrangements. If you're someone who loves Lollapalooza and OVO Fest, these products will make your summer that much more enjoyable.

Courtney's favorite festival innovation is a peeing game created in the Netherlands to prevent men from peeing in the canals on Queensday. This game basically looks like four urinals, arranged in a circle. Men take their positions, and begin urinating. A screen is attached to this cluster of urinals, showing four little characters being pushed upwards by a flow of pee. The first man to push his avatar to the top of the screen, wins. It's a hilarious concept, turning urination into a fun activity, rather than a necessary one.

Another of Courtney's picks is a tent labyrinth that adds some childlike wonder to camp-outs. The labyrinth is made up of three tents, each connected to the other by a tunnel. This allows large groups of friends to room together at music festivals, without having to stay in separate tents. It also re-imagines childhood pillow and blanket forts, letting adults re-kindle their fanciful imaginations, even if only for the weekend.

Whether you're headed to Lollapalooza or Osheaga, this music festival gear is sure to make your fun-filled weekend run absolutely smoothly.