Artist Shawn Huckins Uses Multi-Shaded Paint Tabs to Portray Vivid Scenes

 - May 30, 2015
References: beautifuldecay & designtaxi
Shawn Huckins uses multi-shaded paint tabs to portray daily activities and beautiful scenes of landscapes. The paint swatches are traditionally used to pick out paint colors used inside and outside of homes. In these art pieces, Huckins uses the progression of light to dark paint colors to show the sky, a sunset, a bar scene and many others.

In his interpretation of a bar scene, he uses the darkest portion of the multi-shaded paint tabs to show the closest part of the scene -- the bar itself. The paint swatches are broken up by a thin white line that is used to show the top of the bar, which is holding beers and other drinks. Huckins shows behind the bar and the ceiling through gradual lightening of color. Eventually the top of the paint swatch is the furthest point of the bar,which is the lightest color.

In another scene from his art collection titled The Paint Chip Series, he shows a water landscape which shows the dark water as the closest element of the image and the sun rising in the background as the lightest element.