The Multicolored Drip Candles Add a Colorful Touch to a Candelabra

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: firebox & ohmythatsawesome
Candle designs haven't really changed since its inception, but to add a little bit more personality to your lit lighting solution there's the Multicolored Drip Candles. Looking like a traditional wax candle, the Multicolored Drip Candles feature pockets of coloring that will drip downward onto a bottle or candelabra to create a chromatic masterpiece that is completely unique each and every time.

Coming in packs of two, the Multicolored Drip Candles are designed to burn and drip for about 60-90 minutes depending on external factors. While the Multicolored Drip Candles might be perfect for a gift, try grabbing an old wine bottle and customizing it for a friend to provide a gift that's totally personalized and that offers a touch of retro coolness.