The MPS Building Presentation by White Kanga Transcends the Digital

Cartography and technology come together with the MPS Building Presentation by White Kanga.

White Kanga is a design group from Poland that has created this technological marvel. Their work is groundbreaking in its ability to utilize robotics with extended reality to create this mapping installation. It boasts ultra modern visuals with its cartographic visuals of a virtual building.

The building is displayed in a rotating motion as light slowly illuminates its surface. A virtualized sun device provides the light to create shadows and effects as it would in reality. The project plays with the qualities of light in order to display various facets of the building. From the window frames to the structure in all of its entirety the display is stunning.

The importance of White Kanga's development in this field is best put by Create Digital Motion: it has a remarkable amount of potential for mapping illusory effect.