The Designers at Spidi Have Created a Suit to Prevent Neck Injuries

 - May 23, 2013
References: hiconsumption
The Designers at Spidi Have designed a motorcycle jacket that will make riding much safer and that will most definitely save lives. The ‘Neck DPS Airbag System’ is built into a special motorcycle jacket and the airbag will inflate within 0.2 seconds. This provides a double layer of cushioned protection around the rider’s entire neck and clavicle area. The Neck DPS Airbag System is available in your choice of a jacket or a leather tracksuit with a variety of colors and styles to suit personal styles.

Spidi has won a number of awards in the safety category since its recent release. This system is a major breakthrough in motorcycle safety. Since riding motorcycles is not exactly the safest mode of transportation, this incredible invention is a step in the right direction to making the sport safer for everyone.