Dining is a Science Experiment at Chicago's 'moto' Restaurant (SPONSORED)

 - Oct 5, 2010
References: motorestaurant & kevineats
(SPONSORED) How do you take cuisine to the next level? Follow Chicago's 'moto' restaurant, one of Trend Hunter's favorite places, and apply Class IV lasers, ion particle guns and liquid nitrogen!

Chef Hamaro Cantu bases his cuisine concept on the philosophy of "food engineering." Dedicated to molecular gastronomy, his 'moto' restaurant is more a laboratory than a place for dining (there is actually a full research lab in the lower level!).

The menus are made of edible paper and dining is an interactive experience. Imagine smelling fresh herbs as you eat -- it's due to the corkscrew-handled spoon wrapped with herbs in your hand -- or watching a fish, housed in a polymer cooking box, sizzle on your table.

With such an innovative approach to cuisine, it's no wonder 'moto' also has its own television series, 'Future Food.'

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