Brian Hodges' Photos Capture the Life of Traditional Mongolian Nomads

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: offset & featureshoot
Santa Barbara-based photographer Brian Hodges captured these spectacular photos depicting the life of traditional Mongolian nomads. The photos are included in his book, Gypset Living. What makes this photo series remarkable and authentic in its creation is the fact that Hodges didn't simply parachute into nomadic communities and leave after capturing a few snaps, but instead lived in a traditional Mongolian ger to truly capture the experience.

Some of the photos show the Mongolian nomads migrating, a practice that is undertaken depending on the season and the needs of their animals. In fact, daily life for the nomads revolves around their animals, who lead free and unfenced lives.

When they are not working and moving, the men in the community enjoy wrestling, playing polo, singing and drinking.