The Designer 'Tind' Questions the Under-Appreciated Moire Effect

 - Aug 27, 2015
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Designer 'Tind' allows these posters to embrace the moire effect, a process in the printing world that is looked down upon as a "mistake." Perfection is sometimes boring in art and design and certainly doesn't foster development or innovation. This project embraces 'mistakes' in the workplace as well as the art world, discovering beauty in each one.

The moire effect is generally unappreciated in the printing business, as it means something along the printing process has gone wrong. The effect occurs when one image has been superimposed onto another, slightly missing the angle at which it was supposed to print. The resulting aesthetic is seen in these posters. It gives the viewer an interactive experience, seeing different patterns while the eyes try to engage with the image to put it into focus. Not only are these posters visually appealing, but they save paper and costs by using products that may otherwise be thrown out.