Studio WOJR Envisions a House Design with a Horned Silhouette

 - Mar 20, 2018
References: & dezeen
American studio WOJR visualizes a very modern sculpture house that "aims to 'undermine the faux formalities' of an [existing] Spanish-style residence." Appropriately dubbed 'House of Horns,' the highlight of the structure is the roof, which is designed to dip and swoop upward, "forming a series of protrusions that serve as apertures." Of course, like any good design, the appeal of the unconventional roof is not merely aesthetic, but the architectural formation has a curious function to usher natural light. WOJR terms the House of Horns "an instrument [that] registers the cycles of the day through [...] differently oriented skylights and clerestories."

The modern sculptural house is envisioned to boast a dark cladding, which will help the structure integrate into its surroundings.

Image Credits: WOJR and D-Render