Hiyoshiya Creates Unique Rain-Stoppers for Everyone

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: wagasa & wagasa
Hiyoshiya is a Japanese umbrella maker who makes unique works of art.

Hiyoshiya does a great job at taking a traditional design, and fusing it with a new type of artwork. These personalized umbrellas are ideal for the entire family, and you will never be unsure which umbrella belongs to who. The designer uses a mixture of creative colors for his work, from bright neon greens to more subtle purple shades. No matter what the look, Hiyoshiya always ensures the umbrellas are styled to perfection using the utmost skill.

The designer is also known for creating lamps out of a unique kind of paper known as 'washi.' No matter what the design, Hiyoshiya never compromises quality and continues to product high-quality pieces.