Instructables User PenfoldPlant Creates a Never-Ending Breakfast Meat

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: instructables & theverge
The idea of never-ending bacon might be too much for some people to handle; but the Mobius Bacon Strip is not what a person might first expect when presented with the concept. Instead of providing an endless strip of bacon that can be devoured to the heart's content, it is a strip that simple has not physical end. This endless design of the Mobius Bacon Strip is carefully constructed using strategic cuts, a salty paste and the use of a roller to give it its iconic shape.

Created by Instructables user PenfoldPlant, the Mobius Bacon Strip is relatively easy to create. Great for bacon parties or even math festivities, it gives the beloved breakfast meat a refreshing makeover that many will appreciate. Granted, that appreciation won't last too long before it is gobbled up.