This Kit Helps Ugandan Women Diagnose Themselves from Home

 - Aug 26, 2015
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The 'Her Health BVKit' is a mobile gynecology kit that helps Ugandan women take control of their health. Many women in rural Uganda lack access to safe and reliable gynecological care. This kit allows women to diagnose themselves instead of visiting a doctor.

The Her Health BVKit includes a mobile app and a reusable pH sensor. To use the kit, women simply urinate into a cup and and then use the sensor to find out their pH levels. The data is sent to the mobile app, which will tell women whether they have an infection or not. If the woman needs to seek treatment, the app will suggest a list of nearby doctors they can visit.

In Uganda, female heath issues are often considered so shameful that women are discouraged from seeking medical treatment when they desperately need it. This mobile gynecology kit helps women regain control of their own health and uncover issues before they become a problem.