The Mnum Tea Bag from WDARU is Adorable and Clever

 - May 10, 2013
References: lostateminor & designtaxi
The The Mnum Tea Bag from WDARU is a cleverly designed teabag that features miniature cartoon people attached to the string. The beauty of these quirky teabags is that when you rest the little person on the edge of your cup, it makes it look as though they are soaking in a mini hot tub.

This ingenious and simplistic idea is sure to put a smile on the faces of even the most grumpy early risers. These creative teabag holders will make sure you don't have to go fishing for your teabag in your cup, burning your fingers in the process.

These cute teabags from the Japanese designer are available in a number of different characters and poses. Choose from a smiling, relaxing lady or an older gentleman relaxing with his top off.