The Ministry of Silly Walks Clock by Susanne Lindberg Will Bring Laughs

 - Oct 31, 2012
References: & neatorama
The Ministry of Silly Walks Clock will put a smile on anyone's face, just like John Cleese of Monty Python did. Considering that this time teller was inspired by the comical English actor, it is only appropriate that this is the case. Instead of the common hands of a clock, the face boasts a set of legs which move almost as goofily as Cleese's did.

Created by Susanne Lindberg, a teaching assistent at the University of Halmstad in Sweden and the mastermind behind the Indubitably Jetsam tumblr, the Ministry of Silly Walks Clock appears to have been painted onto a simple white canvas. Although it seems to be a one-of-a-kind creation, this clock could easily be recreated as a fun DIY project as long as a person has the right tools.