Hiromi Hirasaka's Works Turn Matchsticks into Miniature Portraits

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: kokeshi-m & lostateminor
Japanese artist Hiromi Hirasaka has found a way to create adorable miniature portraits using matchsticks.

The artist saw matchstick heads as potential canvases, and began to draw Kokeshi-style faces on each stick. The resulting matchsticks look like bizarre families, forced together into a little box. One particularly funny and clever collection shows the matchsticks with shocked and fearful expressions on their otherwise blank faces. Attached to their heads are orange tendrils of flame, revealing the reason for their shocked faces.

Another quirky collection of matchsticks is truly a little family. Each one has a doleful expression on its face, paired with an awkward bowl cut haircut. This group of matchstick people looks almost like a miniaturized Addams Family, with their pale faces, dark hair and saddened expressions.

With these matchstick portraits, Hirasaka has proven that no canvas is too small to display art.