The Motochimp Offers Compact and Cheap Urban Transportation

 - Nov 8, 2016
References: motochimp & newatlas
The Motochimp is an innovative new mini motorbike, developed by none other than Singapore-based company Vanda Electrics, that is designed to make it easier than ever for urban dwellers to enjoy an eco-friendly and inexpensive last-mile transportation solution.

This particular mini motorbike features an extremely eye-catching design targeted towards people who want to stand out in the crowded urban jungle. The vehicle features a rectangular frame and a trio of mounts, with the entire contraption measuring barely over a meter in length. The bike is fitted with a lithium-ion battery and is capable of attaining a top speed of 30 km/h, more than sufficient if you're going to use it to get from the subway station to your home.

Priced at $2,000, the Motochimp mini motorbike will appeal to hip urbanites looking for a convenient last-mile transportation device.