The New Macy's Location Features Millennial-Focused Tech Displays

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: foxbusiness
The newest Macy's retail space is a millennial-focused fashion boutique that features massive displays of real-time Instagram feeds. These elements show consumers what other shoppers are buying. By utilizing real-time social feeds, the retail space provides consumers with an overall immersive shopping experience.

The entirely revamped Macy's location in New York City features a new millennial-focused floor that is equipped with tech-savvy displays. The new floor utilizes the basement of Macy's flagship shop, which provides a cozier and less busy shopping experience for consumers.

This floor is titled 'One Below' and contains a variety of cost-conscious products -- a retail environment that is ideal for the millennial consumer. With a heavy focus on interactive technology, the store "features lounge areas with outlets built into seats and an interactive 35 by five foot Instagram board." Additionally, another section of the store features a selfie camera that allows shoppers to snap images using different backgrounds and to then post them to various social networks. With its real-time experience and social media interactions, Macy's is able to build stronger relationships with consumers who are highly motivated by social media.