Numa Foods' Chews are Made Without Artificial Ingredients & Preservatives

 - Mar 20, 2019
References: numafoods & candyindustry
Numa Foods offers Original, Chocolate Milk and Strawberry milk chews that are gluten-free, low in sugar and made without artificial ingredients. Notably, these milk chews contain 40% less sugar than the average candy bar. The milk chews were inspired by an old Chinese recipe and developed in consultation with food scientists to create the nutritious, travel-friendly treats.

The chewy snacks, inspired by Taiwanese nougat, are made with a base of milk that's infused with pieces of nuts and dried fruit. Each of the flavors from the brand can be purchased individually or as part of the colorful Neopolitan Variety Pack, which provides a sampling of each of the varieties.

As well as being appealing for their low-sugar content, the milk chews are all-natural and a good source of iron, calcium and protein.