clothsurgeon's Military Menswear Tributes the Different WWII Nations

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: clothsurgeon & highsnobiety
Adapting military menswear with a nod to its expansive history, clothsurgeon's 'A Peaceful Exploration' collection revitalizes the styles soldiers donned back in World War II.

The brand represents the major nations who participated in the battle in the pieces -- paying tribute to Japanese soldiers with a souvenir jacket, which is described as "a jacket worn during wartimes when soldiers were on leave in Japan." In addition, the collection of military menswear includes "German Herringbone cotton camo, Brushed Italian Jersey and British Mallard Duck embroidery."

Although A Peaceful Exploration is stock full of vintage inspiration, the overall aesthetic is highly modern -- something that comes from the unconventional cuts and contemporary fabric pairings, as well as the overt minimalism that takes over some ensembles.