Note Design Studio Overhauled a Decades-Old Finnish Establishment

 - Jan 26, 2018
References: dezeen
Restaurant design has come a long way over time, and the mid-century restaurant redesign from Note Design Studio pays homage to the history of the practice while simultaneously incorporating contemporary touches. The studio recently overhauled a 1950s establishment in Helsinki's Hotel Palace, using a combination of soft pink and blue tones with ageless teak veneers on the walls and ceilings.

Older restaurants were often designed with a cozy, intimate feel, featuring rich wood, carpeting, and heavy materials. Contemporary restaurants, on the other hand, have tended toward open, airy spaces where diners feel as though they're part of a communal experience. This mid-century restaurant redesign aims to hit both sides — it has a wide open layout that exposes diners to one another, but it still makes ample use of the aforementioned heavy materials that create a richer experience overall.