Michael Donovan Envisions Some Revealing Scenarios for Vision China

 - Jan 6, 2012
References: fuckingyoung.es & fuckingyoung.es
In the latest issue of Vision China, Michael Donovan once again showcases his ability to tell a story through fashion editorial with these filmic black and white images he photographed of models Yuri Pleskun and Meghan Collison. The photo series features images of the models in various states of undress, lounging around semi-nude, getting dressed or playfully engaging in intimate moments together, and seems to tell a vibrant, but gritty story of the couple displayed in the photos while still drawing your attention to the fashion in the spread.

The photos have a sense of realism to them as the relationship of the couple seems genuine, and because most of these shots only allow the observer a glimpse into the characters lives by obstructing the models actions with partially opened doorways or other objects in the foreground, the observer is left with only a fleeting, voyeuristic sneak peak of the scene created before him. This enhances the illusion of reality further, as if the photographer happened upon these moments instead of manufacturing them, and makes this editorial by Michael Donovan one where fashion and art come together to produce a collection of images that is as much about the art of photography as it is about the art of making clothes.